D365 Summit

Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP Transformation Summit

April 27th 2024

Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP Transformation Summit

April 27th 2024

Whos Attending
D365 Summit

D365 Summit is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community Conference to learn and share how to implement ERP & CRM transformation to solve organisational challenges. The training sessions are delivered by world leading experts in Dynamics 365 sharing insights and tips to help you succeed with digital transformation catering for both functional & technical audiences. D365 Summit aims to demystify the complexities of enterprise processes and  development using fun & creative learning techniques inspired from lego and star wars to provide a fun day of insight driven learning for technology professionals.

System Users & Employees

Whether you are an employee  looking to improve productivity, or an analyst trying to streamline processes. Power community  has helped over 30,000 folks just like you to launch your careers into I.T. and succeed within the Microsoft Power Platform.

IT Administrators

Your responsibility of managing and the ever evolving cloud infrastructure, ensuring users and data security is maintained whilst firefighting incidents to keep your business operations running .

Consultants & Developers

Whether you are just getting started as a developer or you are a seasoned developer you will learn the dark arts to get your solutions working o the first attemps!

Solution Architects

If you are responsible for designing  and orchestrating your organisations enterprise solutions, improving process efficiencies and development ALM standards 

CEO's & Project Managers

Responsible for making the strategic decisions that will have long term consequences for all your customers and employees is not a task for the faint hearted. You will get the insights you need to make the most well informed strategic decisions on your transformation strategy. 

*500 tickets

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Our Microsoft Sponsors are key event partners that enable us to make this conference possible for the Dynamics 365 Community, saving you £1000’s from standard conferences fees

D365 Summit Agenda
27th April

Dynamics 365 Summit Agenda will be focused on addressing how to deliver ERP & CRM enterprise solutions with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, Customer Insights, Field Services, Project Operations and HR with an emphasis on Power Platform, Azure & AI. 

ERP Transformation with Dynamics 365 FO, CE, Power Platform & A.I.

Learn how to deliver Enterprise Transformation with  Dynamics 365 Finance Operations, Customer Engagement,  Power platform & A.I. 

  • How to successfully deliver an integrated ERP & CRM
  • How to leverage Power platform in your ERP program
  • How to leverage AI into your process automation
  • How to rollout Scalable solutions across your organisation
  • Project Delivery Best Practices
  • How to achieve ROI and Organisation readiness for a cloud first SaaS  
FInance & Supply CHain Management

The Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Track focuses on Finance Management and Reporting, Supply chain & Warehouse Management, Retail & HR. 

  • Financial Controlling, Cost Accounting , Accounts Payable, Subscription Billing
  • A.I. in Financial Management 
  • Financial Reporting Patterns
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management
  • H.R. Management
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce Implementation Approach and Debugging

Development & Integration techniques for Dynamics 365 FO, CE & Power Platform

  • Dynamics 365 FO Development
  • Dynamics 365 CE & Power Platform Development
  • Dataverse Data Modelling
  • ALM & Devops
  • Azure Integration Patterns
  • Cyber Security
  • Security & Accessibility
  • Development best practices for Finance & Operations
  • Lifecycle Services
  • Managing version Updates
Sales & Marketing, Customer Insights

Deliver your Sales & Marketing strategy using Customer Insights & A.I. to deliver effective engagements 

  • Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Relationship Management 
  • Marketing Automation
  • 3rd Party Data to generate insights
  • Website Integrations
  • Customer Self Service Portals
  • Chat Bots
  • How to leverage Dataverse 
Customer Services, Field Services & Project Operations

Deliver your Services for project delivery, Field services and Call centre capabilities providing full automation from incident response and field service logistics 

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Services
  • Omni Channel Call Centre solutions
  •  How to successfully deliver a Dynamics 365 Field Services Implementation
  • How to successfully leverage Project Operations to schedule and automate your project delivery & resources

Dynamics 365 Community Summit 2024

D365 Summit is a Dynamics 365 Community Conference providing 5 Tracks of learning sessions delivered by world leading experts providing insight sharing how to overcome the transformation challenges related to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, Power Platform and AI Implementations include Enterprise, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Customer Services, Business Intelligence and Development. 

*This Year we have introduced a small £15 token admin fee to confirm attendance. This is to help prevent non attendances affecting the limited event places & catering. 


27th April

D365 Integration Bootcamp

A Full Day Hands On Bootcamp focused on how to deliver integrations for Dynamics 365 Finance Operations, Customer Engagement & Power platform with technical and planning considerations before choosing Dual Write or Custom integrations takes place in person at the conference venue. 

26th April

Customer Insights Bootcamp

A Full Day Hands On Bootcamp to Learn how to deliver a Customer Insights Data Analytics solution to augment customer data profiles and deliver Marketing Automation based on Customer driven insights takes place in person at the conference venue. This Training includes Customer Insights Data and Customer Insights Journeys formerly known as Dynamics 365 Marketing.  

26th April

MB310 D365 Finance crash course
* In Person & Online Attendance

A 2 Day Crash Course in Dynamics 365 Finance will help prepare you for the MB310 Finance Certification delivered By MVP’s and MCT’s. Takes Place in Person at the conference venue, and also Online Virtually.  

24-25 April

MB330 D365 F&O Supply Chain crash course *Online Attendance

A 2 Day Crash Course in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to help you prepare for the MB330 Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Associate Consultant Certification delivered by MVP’s, MCTs, and Author of the Supply Chain Publication. This will take place in person and also online to allow virtual attendance. 

22-23 April